“Chic Monkey Ushers In New Age” exhibition – 森林木(Roy Chan)


Featured Artwork of the Day: 森林木(Roy Chan) -美猴王

Roy Chan is a veteran cartoonist who, together with two friends, pioneered the realm of Chinese comics in Malaysia back in the 80s.

He published three solo comics in 1985, and contributed serialised educational comic strips to a “Mingguan Tunas” weekly for 7 years.

Being a staunch supporter of the HongKong godfather of comics Tony Wong, Roy derived most of his drawing skills from the works of this martial arts comic artists, later to be influenced by Osamu Tezuka, Yoshihiku Yasikazu.

He left the comics scene in 1992 to delve into different careers, namely a motoring journalist, sub-editor, advertising executive and public listing executive. In 2013, he returned to the comics scene by chance and was appointed the President of the Malaysian Mandarin Comics Society for a 2-year term beginning 2015.

Roy now is actively into writing chinese novels and drawing comics for children.





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