“Chic Monkey Ushers In New Age” exhibition – Alan Quah


The Featured Artwork of the Day: Alan Quah – Journey to the West, on view at Asia Comic Cultural Museum

Alan Quah is an artist from Malaysia whose first comics pages were published in a 1984 fanzine, APAzine from Berita Publishing. His art there was awarded the best inker of the book by readers of Daniel Chan’s Friday comic newspaper.

He received degree in Advertising in 1992 and opened a design shop in 1997. In 2005, he returned to illustration and was hired by California based Comics Conspiracy to draw the black and white series THE ELDRICH. Later that year, he joined Heroverse to produce art for the title ANYWHERE.

In 2006, Alan won the Devil’s Due talent search competition. Later that year he won the 24hr CEDKO Comic Challenge. In 2008, he was chosen into the top 50 finalist in Marvel’s CHESTERQUEST.

He founded Komikaki Studio, a comic art and coloring company, with Adam Chong, which has produced a few projects for DDP and Heroverse.

Worked on some short stories / pinups and Issue 1 of Rage, a french digital comic between 2010 to 2013.
Currently represented by Space Goat Productions, LLC. Under their representation, is now working for DC Comics’ The Vampire Diaries.

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