“Chic Monkey Ushers In New Age” exhibition – Kaexi Ng


Kaexi Ng Was born in Penang, Malaysia, a creative designer and illustrator based in Kuala Lumpur.

He was graduated in 2006 and has at least 8 years of experiences in design industry.

After 5 years, he has set up his very own home-based studio, Kaexi Design.

In year 2009, he occasionally be in touch with Caricature Art and inspired by foreign illustrator. This has led him to be passion in Caricature Art, and always try hard to achieve the best.

Favorite quote: Time never waits.

Kaexi Ng 是马来西亚槟城人,创意设计师兼插画家。


2009年偶然接触了“似颜绘”艺术(Caricature Art),並在外国插画师熏陶下得到启蒙,而开始专研“似颜绘”,务求绘製出最好作品。

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