Chic Monkey Ushers In New Age


According to the Chinese Zodiac, 8th January 2016 marks the beginning of the year of Fire Monkey.
The “Chic Monkey” theme marks the start of a new Lunar Year, as well as a challenging year ahead for individuals and businesses, with regard to increased taxes and a paradigm shift what with web and cloud platforms making headway, especially in the comics sector.

Apes and monkeys, though primates altogether, differ in outlook and habitat categories. Their relative closeness to human genetic structure and intelligence quotient underlined evolution theories that suggested an ancestry link to mankind.

As such, fables and tales of primates abound historically, whether in the form of literature, religious faith or works of art. Traditional folklore and mythical legends were also profoundly populated with such stories of monkeys and apes. Of those, the popular Monkey God “Sun Wu-Kong” in “Journey to the West” and his battling experiences with demons were widely adapted and produced in various media forms, including comics.


In the western world, apes and monkeys played prominent roles too. They have astronaut monkeys aboard space-bound rockets and globally-renowned movies that have primates as the lead actor, like “King Kong”. There are even fantasies and theories suggesting planets where primates reside on.

As the Fire Monkey ushers in, businsses would restructure their strategies and get prepared to forge ahead, much to the prospect of a rekindled ‘fire’ in the monkey’s spirit.

Sun Wu-Kong possessed the capability of 72 transformations, and a thousand-league flying cloud, qualities instrumental to survival in an era of business diversification and cloud surfing.

The Asia Comic Cultural Museum chosed to open in this Fire Monkey year, heralding a ‘burning desire’ to persevere and march up to the challenges of a new age.

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